Jessica Orbeck is a main character and also the protagonist of 'Bussica'.


Despite showing common sense, Jessica can be clumsy and outspoken at times. She lacks popularity in Greenwood High, but forms bonds easily with those who she likes. Within her group Jessica is often second to Emily when it comes to leadership.

When around others Jessica prefers to follow others' lead, whilst also making comment on their leadership skills and decisions. On her own, Jessica often acts impulsively, and quickly - even impatiently at times. When in trouble Jessica acts instinctively, leading her to take risky actions as a result.

Jessica tends to be quick to assume things, although is also understanding. Whilst she cares for her own privacy, she can often intrude on others'. When talking to people whom she respects, such as teachers and adults, she comes off as polite, however, her true self is shown among friends and family, when she reveals her sensitive and honest side to them.


Jessica's hair is a dark brown shade that is straight, and cut into a bob-cut that goes down to her jaw. Her skin is slightly tanned, yet consists of little-to-no freckles.