A list of people victimised by 'S'.

Victim 1: Emily Ayrton

Emily's victimisation was exposed all over social media, and in an attempt to avoid social interaction, she fled to the girl's toilets, where Jessica Orbeck eventually found her. Emily is shown to be rather dependent on Jessica after she reveals to her friend what happened to her, and this 'S' person. She was extremely shy when talking to Jessica, and fled from embarrassment after 'the object' fell out of her. Emily's ordeal led her to become determined to find and identify who did this to her.

'S's note for Emily claims that Emily's heart is colder than ice.

"It may be ice, but it’s still not as cold as your heart. <3" - S

Victim 2: Jessica Orbeck

Jessica's note from 'S' is more of a threat than an instant victimisation. 'S' claims that Jessica's secrets (that they somehow know) are safe with them. Just the fact that someone other than herself knows about her secrets scares Jessica, causing her to break down in Tina's bedroom, where she was impregnated. Jessica shows confusion as to why she was victimised, as her secrets couldn't possible affect 'S', unlike Emily's apparently did. Unlike Emily's, Jessica's impregnated item doesn't fall out on its own. Jessica is forced to practically rip hers out. Even though Jessica tries to be subtle and keep her impregnation a secret, Ethan walks in on Jessica trying to get it out of her. Ethan then exposes Jessica's victimisation to the rest of their friends at Tina's house. It becomes apparent that Jessica doesn't want to tell her friends everything, as seen where she lied about what happened to the object that was once inside of her, and why 'S' impregnated her

Jessica's impregnation only fuels Emily with more determination to bring down 'S'.

'S's note for Jessica is used to inform Jessica of what 'S' knows about her and her secrets, whilst also promising to keep them safe.

“Don’t worry Slutica, your secret is safe with me." – S

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